Golden Mask Nominees Announced (2013)


Repost of Theater Plus blog No. 239 (approximate). I could actually skip reposting this one. It has almost no value anymore. But I put it here in the spirit of completeness. The photo above shows director Yury Butusov receiving a Golden Mask award in 2014.

14 November 2013
By John Freedman

The Golden Mask Festival has announced award nominees for the 2012-2013 season. Officially the festival will run from January 25 to April 17, 2014, in order to include many hard-to-schedule productions, usually in the musical categories. This includes the Mariinsky Premieres program in January, a now-traditional commercial undertaking of the Golden Mask Festival, which no one seems to consider a conflict of interest. The core of the festival, as usual, will run from late March to April 17, with the award ceremony scheduled for Friday, April 18, 2014, at the Bolshoi Theater.

The Russian Case mini-festival-within-the-festival will run from April 3 to 7. Russian Case is a showcase collection of shows from inside and outside of the regular festival that may be of especial interest to foreign observers.

Below is the complete list of nominees, as published on the Golden Mask Festival website.


“Brothers” — Gogol Center, Moscow

“An Enemy of the People” — Maly Drama Theater/Theater of Europe, St. Petersburg

“The Geographer Drank Up the Globe” — Theater-Theater, Perm

“The Good Person of Setzuan” — Pushkin Theater, Moscow

“Eugene Onegin” — Vakhtangov Theater, Moscow

“The Ideal Husband. A Comedy” — Chekhov Moscow Art Theater

“Love and Intrigue” — Maly Drama Theater/Theater of Europe, St. Petersburg

“Liturgy Zero” — Alexandrinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“Macbeth. Cinema” — Lensovet Theater, St. Petersburg

“Onegin” — Krasny Fakel Theater, Novosibirsk

“The Snow Queen” — Theater Yunogo Zritelya, Krasnoyarsk

“Electra’s Destiny” — National Youth Theater, Moscow


“14 Red Huts” — Kamerny Theater, Voronezh

“Vassa” — Vedogon Theater, Moscow and Zelenograd

“The House of Bernarda Alba” — Volkov Drama Theater, Yaroslavl

“The Importance of Being Earnest” — School of Dramatic Art, Moscow

“A Doll’s House” — Priyut Komedianta Theater, St. Petersburg

“Moscow-Petushki” — Studio of Theatrical Art, Moscow

“Cloud-Paradise” — Savin Drama Theater, Lysva

“One Summer Day” — Kamal Theater, Kazan

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” — Seventh Studio, Moscow

“Delhi Dance” — Bryantsev Theater Yunogo Zritelya, St. Petersburg


Farid Bikchantayev — “One Summer Day”

Konstantin Bogomolov — “The Ideal Husband. A Comedy”

Alexei Borodin — “Electra’s Destiny”

Yury Butusov — “The Good Person of Setzuan”

Yury Butusov — “Macbeth. Cinema”

Mikhail Bychkov — “14 Red Huts”

Dmitry Volkostrelov — “Delhi Dance”

Lev Dodin — “Love and Intrigue”

Lev Dodin — “An Enemy of the People”

Sergei Zhenovach — “Moscow-Petushki”

Yury Kvyatkovsky — “A Doll’s House”

Timofei Kulyabin — “Onegin”

Anatoly Ledukhovsky — “Vassa”

Alexei Mizgiryov — “Brothers”

Yelena Nevezhina — “The Geographer Drank Up the Globe”

Kirill Serebrennikov — “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Rimas Tuminas — “Eugene Onegin”

Vyacheslav Tyshchuk — “Cloud-Paradise”

Roman Theodori — “The Snow Queen”

Valery Fokin — “Liturgy Zero”

Igor Yatsko — “The Importance of Being Earnest”


Olga Belinskaya — Nora, “A Doll’s House”

Yelizaveta Boyarskaya — Luise, “Love and Intrigue”

Darya Yemelyanova — Tatyana, “Onegin”

Viktoria Isakova — Nadya, “Brothers”

Laura Pitskhelauri — Lady Macbeth, “Macbeth. Cinema”

Ksenia Rappoport — Lady Milford, “Love and Intrigue”

Natalya Rozanova — Gerda, “The Snow Queen”

Maria Ryshchenkova — Lavinia, “Electra’s Destiny”

Inna Sukhoretskaya — Alice, “Alice and the State,” Meyerhold Center and Liquid Theater

Natalya Timonina — Vassa Zheleznova, “Vassa”

Alexandra Ursulyak — Shen Te and Shui Ta, “The Good Person of Setzuan”

Lyutsia Khamitova — The Woman, “One Summer Day”


Alexei Vertkov — Venichka, “Moscow-Petushki”

Sergei Detkov — Sluzhkin, “The Geographer Drank Up the Globe”

Alexander Ivanov — Torvald Helmer, “A Doll’s House”

Kirill Imerov — Nikolai, “Cloud-Paradise”

Danila Kozlovsky — Ferdinand, “Love and Intrigue”

Sergei Kuryshev — Doctor Stockmann, “An Enemy of the People”

Sergei Makovetsky — “Eugene Onegin”

Igor Mirkurbanov — Lord, “The Ideal Husband. A Comedy”

Anton Shagin — Alexei Ivanovich, “Liturgy Zero”


Vladimir Vdovichenkov — Retired Hussar, “Eugene Onegin”

Era Ziganshina — Grandmother, “Liturgy Zero”

Igor Ivanov — President, “Love and Intrigue”

Alexandra Ladygina — Nurse, “Delhi Dance”

Dmitry Lyamochkin — Prokhor Zheleznov, “Vassa”

Alexander Matrosov — Wang, “The Good Person of Setzuan”

Alexander Novikov — “Macbeth. Cinema”

Tatyana Tkach — “Delhi Dance”

Oleg Shapkov — Singer, “The Geographer Drank Up the Globe”


Svetlana Arkhipova — “Vassa”

Daniil Akhmedov — “The Snow Queen”

Stanislav Benediktov — “Electra’s Destiny”

Alexander Borovsky — “Love and Intrigue”

Yekaterina Galaktionova — “Cloud-Paradise”

Oleg Golovko — “Onegin”

Ilya Kutyansky — “The House of Bernarda Alba”

Ksenia Peretrukhina — “Delhi Dance”

Nikolai Simonov — “14 Red Huts”

Alexander Shishkin — “The Good Person of Setzuan”

Adomas Yatsovskis — “Eugene Onegin”


Yevgeny Ganzburg — “One Summer Day”

Andrei Izotov — “Electra’s Destiny”

Denis Solntsev — “Onegin”

Maya Shavdatuashvili — “Eugene Onegin”


Vadim Andreyev — “The Importance of Being Earnest”

Maria Danilova — “Eugene Onegin”

Fagilya Selskaya — “The House of Bernarda Alba”


“Billy Budd” — Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“Boris Godunov” — Yekaterinburg Theater of Opera and Ballet

“The Child and the Magic Spells” — Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

“Eugene Onegin” — Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“L’Italiana in Algeri” — Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater, Moscow

“Lefty” — Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“The Flying Dutchman” — Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“The Marriage of Figaro” — Tchaikovsky Theater of Opera and Ballet, Perm

“La Sonnambula” — Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

“Tristan and Isolde” — Novaya Opera, Moscow

“Frantsisk” — Opergruppa and Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

“Kholstomer” — Pokrovsky Chamber Musical Theater, Moscow


Michael Guettler — “Boris Godunov”

Felix Korobov — “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Teodor Currentzis — “The Marriage of Figaro”

Jan Latham-Koenig — “Tristan and Isolde”

Enrique Mazzola — “La Sonnambula”

Vasily Petrenko — “The Flying Dutchman”

Mikhail Tatarnikov — “Billy Budd”

Filipp Chizhevsky — “Frantsisk”


Vasily Barkhatov — “The Flying Dutchman”

Andrii Zholdak — “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Mikhail Kislyarov — “Kholstomer”

Yevgeny Pisarev — “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Alexander Titel — “Boris Godunov”

Philipp Himmelmann — “The Marriage of Figaro”


Natalya Buklaga — Cherubino, “The Marriage of Figaro”

Venera Gimadieva — Amina, “La Sonnambula”

Asmik Grigoryan — Senta, “The Flying Dutchman”

Claudia Iten — Isolde, “Tristan and Isolde”

Anna Kasyan — Susanna, “The Marriage of Figaro”

Yelena Maximova — Isabella, “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Natalya Pshenichnikova — Clara, “Frantsisk”

Tatyana Ryaguzova — Tatyana, “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Alina Yarovaya — Child, “The Child and the Magic Spells”


Yevgeny Akhmedov — Lensky, “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Andrei Bondarenko — Count Almaviva, “The Marriage of Figaro”

Andrei Bondarenko — Billy Budd, “Billy Budd”

Dmitry Golovnin — Erik, “The Flying Dutchman”

Colin Lee — Elvino, “La Sonnambula”

Maxim Mironov — Lindor, “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Alexei Morozov — Kholstomer, “Kholstomer”

Andrei Popov — Lefty, “Lefty”

Alexei Tikhomirov — Boris Godunov, “Boris Godunov”


“Cantus Arcticus” — Yekaterinburg Theater of Opera and Ballet

“Concerto DSCH” — Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“The Second Detail” — Tchaikovsky Theater of Opera and Ballet, Perm

“Sleepless” — Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater, Moscow

“The Salieri Variations” — Yekaterinburg Theater of Opera and Ballet

“The Rite of Spring” — Novosibirsk Theater of Opera and Ballet

“The Apartment” — Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

“Mayerling” — Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater, Moscow

“The Flames of Paris” — Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“Pulcinella” — Novosibirsk Theater of Opera and Ballet

“Romeo and Juliet” — Mikhailovsky Theater, St. Petersburg


“Youmake Remake” — Cannon Dance Company, St. Petersburg

“The Rite of Spring” — Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

“The Rite of Spring” — Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

“Square of Temporary Storage 48 x 9” — Kinetic Theater, Moscow

“The Passenger” — joint project of Vladimir Varnava and Maxim Didenko, St. Petersburg

“Descent and Ascent” — Theater of Contemporary Dance, Chelyabinsk

“Tristan and Isolde” — Moskva Ballet, Moscow


Pavel Klinichev — “Cantus Arcticus”

Ainars Rubikis — “Pulcinella”

Mikhail Tatarnikov — “Romeo and Juliet”


Tatyana Baganova — “The Rite of Spring,” Moscow

Sasha Waltz — “The Rite of Spring,” St. Petersburg

Vladimir Varnava — “The Passenger”

Patrick de Bana — “The Rite of Spring,” Novosibirsk

Mikhail Messerer — “The Flames of Paris”

Alexander Pepelyayev — “Square of Temporary Storage 48 x 9”

Olga Pona — “Descent and Ascent”

Vyacheslav Samodurov — “Cantus Articus”

Vyacheslav Samodurov — “The Salieri Variations”


Oksana Bondareva — Jeanne, “The Flames of Paris”

Yelena Vorobyova — “The Salieri Variations”

Sofya Gaidukova, “Tristan and Isolde”

Anna Odintsova — Twins, “The Rite of Spring,” Novosibirsk

Natalya Osipova — Juliet, “Romeo and Juliet”


Roman Andreikin — “Tristan and Isolde”

Vladimir Varnava — “The Passenger”

Maxim Grishenkov — Pulcinella, “Pulcinella”

Mikhail Kemenov — Twins, “The Rite of Spring,” Novosibirsk

Sergei Polunin — Rudolf, “Mayerling”

Denis Savin — “The Apartment”

Leonid Sarafanov — Romeo, “Romeo and Juliet”

Andrei Sorokin — “The Salieri Variations”


“The White Guard” — Yekaterinburg Theater of Musical Comedy

“MASS” — Novosibirsk Theater of Opera and Ballet

“The Mermaid” — Stage Entertainment, Moscow


Mariam Barskaya — “The Mermaid”

Boris Nodelman — “The White Guard”

Ainars Rubiks — “MASS”


Rezija Kalnina — “MASS”

Kirill Strezhnev — “The White Guard”


Natalia Bystrova — Ariel, “The Mermaid”

Manana Gogitidze — Ursula, “The Mermaid”

Svetlana Kochanova — Yelena, “The White Guard”


Dmitry Yermak — Sebastian, “The Mermaid”

Yevgeny Zaitsev — Prince Eric, “The Mermaid”

Igor Ladeishchikov — Leonid Shervinsky, “The White Guard”

Dmitry Suslov — The Celebrant/Priest, “MASS”


Vladimir Kobekin — “Kholstomer”

Sergei Nevsky — “Frantsisk”

Vladimir Rannev — “Two Acts,” Hermitage Museum and Goethe Institute, St. Petersburg

Rodion Shchedrin — “Lefty”


Vladimir Arefyev — “Boris Godunov”

Anthony McDonald — “The Child and the Magic Spells”

Zinovy Margolin — “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Alexander Orlov — “Lefty”

Pier Luigi Pizzi — “La Sonnambula”

Monika Pormale and Andrii Zholdak — “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Kristaps Skulte — “MASS”

Alexander Shishkin — “The Rite of Spring”


Anthony McDonald — “The Child and the Magic Spells”

Rolands Peterkops and Marite Mastina-Peterkopa — “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Viktoria Sevryukova — “L’Italiana in Algeri”

Irina Cherednikova — “Lefty”


A.J. Weissbard — “Eugene Onegin,” St. Petersburg

Alexander Gulaga — “Cantus Articus”

Thilo Reuther — The Rite of Spring,” St. Petersburg

Mark Stavtsev — “La Sonnambula”


“…and Punishment” — Puppet Theater, Ryazan

“Children of the Sky” — Sun Theater of Obsko-Ugric Peoples, Khanty-Mansiisk

“Carmen” — Teremok Puppet Theater, Vologda

“The Old Signor and…” — Obraztsov Puppet Theater, Moscow

“To Kill the King” — Puppet House Theater, Penza

“Oedipus” — Gulliver Puppet Theater, Kurgan, and KultProekt Creative Alliance, Moscow


Vladimir Biryukov — “The Kill the King”

Oleg Zhyugzhda — “…and Punishment”

Vyacheslv Ignatov and Maria Litvinova — “Children of the Sky”

Boris Konstantinov — “Carmen”

Alexander Yanushkevich — “Oedipus”


Viktor Antonov — “Carmen”

Vyacheslav Zaichikov and Pavel Mizyov — “Children of the Sky”

Viktor Nikonenko — “The Old Signor and…”

Viktor Nikonenko — “The Kill the King”

Valery Rachkovsky — “…and Punishment”

Lyudmila Skitovich — “Oedipus”


Ruslanbek Dzhurabekov — Occulist, “To Kill the King”

Vladimir Konyakhin — Porfiry Petrovich, “…and Punishment”

Anton Nekrasov — Grandson, “The Kill the King”

Andrei Nechayev, Dmitry Chernov, Alexei Sokolov and Khalisya Bogdanova — the Old Signora, “The Old Signor and…”

Vasily Utochkin — Raskolnikov, “…and Punishment”


“Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat” — Post Theater, St. Petersburg

“Akyn Opera” — Teatr.doc, Moscow

“Alice and the State” — Meyerhold Center and Liquid Theater, Moscow

“May Night” — Moscow Puppet Theater

“Remote Proximity” — Playwright and Director Center, Moscow

“While You Are Here” — Liquid Theater, Moscow


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